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I have not used Skype in quite some time so I was preparing to travel and was going to need to make some phone calls and I thought Skype was the most economical way to do that. Twice I tried to initiate credit on my account and both times failed; my credit card was not declined. I contacted my credit card and they do not show a record of even an attempt to charge my account. I followed all the instructions to try to leave to alleviate the...
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They installed an older version of Skype and told me to setup caller ID and keep calling and if it doesn't work I should contact them again. They do not refund minutes lost due to their technical problems and they give the weird reason that I did not set my caller ID before calling. There is no such rule advertised and the caller ID function was just optional to help the receiver identify who is calling. After I set up caller ID the problem...
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I didn't like
  • Look like cheating now
  • Customer service
Even as a premium, long-term customer, I have had repeated problems with Skype, from their poorly tested and unwelcome forced "upgrades", to their abysmal customer service, to their silly rules, but my most recent experiences take the cake. I called because they penalized me for having an expired credit card, when in fact I had listed an alternate card, and even had paid for that particular service last year with the new card. Instead of...
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I liked
  • Used by many people
I didn't like
  • Microsofts apparent arrogance
  • Terrible customer support
I have been using skype for several months on my ipad. Worked fine until recently. I was prompted to buy more time through apple payment system, which I did. I have a receipt from apple showing that I have paid amount requested. Now when I go to use skype, I am prompted to pay more. Trying to get through to customer service (if there is any) is a real puzzle. I cannot find the key. So I have paid for a service that I cannot use. I understand...
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Anonymous Let me start by saying that I have an account that I wish to use. The rub starts here.... I haven't used it in over 4 years and I can't get the account released and password r...